About Us
The Global Enterprise Network

What is a Missional EnterpriseA missional enterprise strives to have Kingdom values permeate all dimensions of the enterprise while pursuing and holding in creative tension the priorities of our triple bottom line:
1.    Generational Spiritual Transformation
2.    Financial Profitability / Sustainability
                                                              3.    Social Impact
The Global Enterprise Network (GEN) consists of over 200 missional entrepreneurs in dozens of countries on six continents.  Although GEN was recently launched in 2010, The Navigators have been starting missional enterprises since the 1970’s.   Our current portfolio of missional enterprises spans a variety of industries and sectors including manufacturing, construction, education & healthcare, hospitality, import-export, IT, consulting & management services, agro-business and more.  We are a network that exists to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the most challenging and complex environments of the world through missional enterprises.  We do this through recruiting and training new missional entrepreneurs and by coming alongside existing practitioners with consultative capacity to help them be more robust in their Triple Bottom Line impact.
What we offer:

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Subject Matter Experts
  • Conferences
  • Training & Consulting Services
  • Recruiting & Mobilization
  • Networking
  • Promulgation of Best Practices
  • Access to Financial Resources